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,,Beanpole family Great
What might this mean? Grandparent

Brannen (2003) suggests that an
aging population AND a tendency
for women to pursue careers and
therefore have fewer children has
led to the emergence of ,,4-
generation families.
Lone Parent

Brannen arguing that in beanpole
families, people encounter ,,vertical

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The continuing importance of marriage

How do a) remarriage, b) later marrying and c) cohabitation, still
indicate that marriage as an institution still remains important?

Rising number of divorces Rise in re marriages (toy boys!)

Older marrying full time education/careers

Cohabiting Trial based on very similar principles which is

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Child Rearing
What is this?
is this?
Lone Parent Families Step/ Re constituted / Blended/
reconfigured Families
Make up 24% of all families Account for over 10% of all

90% headed by women families with dependent children
in Britain
Divorced women used to occupy
the majority; now…

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(Kids In Parents' Pockets
eroding Retirement Savings)
individuals in their late twenties or
early thirties that are living in their
parent's homes.
They may or may not be
earning an income

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Charles Murray (1984): The New Right

Charles Murray was very critical of
lone parent families, arguing that
fatherless families lead to deviancy
and poverty.

He argued lone parents create a
reliance on state benefits and
,,handouts, which he coined a
"dependency culture".

The New Right want to abolish
welfare benefits,…

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How can we evaluate the New Right?
Lone parenthood is not chosen nor are they ,,lazy
or ,,welfare dependent ­ lack of state childcare
prevents them from working (60% are

Most lone parents are generally women, who
tend to earn less than men which is why they are

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Examine changes in the patterns of
childbearing and childrearing in the UK
since the 1970s (24)
1. Define the ,,feature/
5. How do you evaluate/ gain trend and identify
AO2 marks? WHAT the changes in
the trends are
-Validity of statistics
If you cant remember
-Applicable to C.A.G.E. individual statistics,…

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Other examine questions
Examine the reasons for changes in the
divorce rate since the 1970s (24)

Examine the ways in which laws and policies
affect social life (24)

Examine the main trends in births and deaths
in the UK since 1900 (24)

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Short answer questions...

Suggest two reasons why women might
delay having children (4 marks)

Suggest two reasons why there has been an
increase in one-person households (4 marks)

Suggest three reasons for the increase in the
number of divorces ( 6 marks)


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