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The Treaty of Versailles
The Inter-War Years 1919-39…read more

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The Big Three
The Paris Peace Conference, 1919, was
attended by delegates from 32 countries
but was dominated by the Big Three:
Britain ­ David Lloyd George
France ­ Georges Clemenceau
USA ­ Woodrow Wilson
The Big Three came to the conference
with different aims.…read more

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The Big Three
Lloyd George's aims
Just punishment for Germany, but not too
harsh because he was worried about a war
in the future.
German economy to stay stable so that they
could trade with Britain.
Navy and colonies to be removed because
they were a threat to Britain's naval
superiority and empire.…read more

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The Big Three
Clemenceau's aims
Harsh punishment to cripple Germany because of
how they made France suffer.
Reduce Germany's armed forces and an
independent Rhineland so France could not be
attacked again.
To return Alsace-Lorraine, which had been taken
from France before WWI.
No League of Nations.
Germany to pay huge reparations to France.…read more

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The Big Three
Wilson's aims
Did not want a harsh punishment because he
feared Germany would seek revenge.
The USA hadn't been badly affected by the
war so maybe this could influence his beliefs.
A peace based on his Fourteen Points which
included self-determination for all countries
(the right to choose their ruler), disarmament
and a League of Nations.…read more

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Public Opinion in 1919
Public opinion was that Germany should be
punished harshly.
This was because many countries were
experiencing industrial and economic problems
due to all the deaths.
Also, there were many food and medicine
shortages in the affected countries.
Large areas of France and Belgium had been
destroyed and most people thought that
Germany should pay for the damage.…read more

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