Treaty of Versailles - key words

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Colony Countries in Africa that were run by
Germany were handed over to the
League of Nations
Polish Corridor An area of Germany that was given to
Anschluss The joining of Austria and Germany.
It was banned
Demilitarisation The removal of an army from an area
of land ­ eg. The Rhineland
Plebiscite A vote ­ The people of the Saar were
allowed to vote whether they wanted
to remain in France or go back to
Reparations Germany were required to pay £6.6
billion to France for war damage and
Warguilt The clause in the treaty that required
clause Germany to accept full responsibility
for the war
Diktat Germany had to sign the treaty with
no negotiation
Mandates The control (mandate) of confiscated
colonies were handed over to the
Saar Coalfields in Germany that were
given to France for 15 years. After
that a vote took place and the Saar
was given back to Germany
League of An organisation designed to keep
Nations world peace

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Disarmament Making an army smaller ­ Germany's
army was reduced from 2,000,000 to
Independent A country that controls themselves
Rhineland An area of Germany that was
demilitarised because it was next to
France.…read more


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