Treatments for stress

Notes on Problem and emotion focused treatments for stress

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Biological Psychology: Stress
Stress in everyday life:
Distinction between emotion-focused and problem-focused approaches to coping with
Problem Focused and Emotion Focused Strategies
Lazarus and Folkman distinguished between: EMOTION focused and PROBLEM focused
strategies. Emotion focused strategies attempt to directly reduce the stress response in
the body. They tend to deal with the symptoms. Problem focused strategies that reduce
the importance of the problem- then in effect reducing stress on the body.
Problem Focused
Problem focused strategies that reduce the importance of the problem- then in effect
reducing stress on the body. These are psychological methods the attempt to change
the way people think about problems.
There are two main ways are Anticipatory coping and Social Support.
Social support
Friends and family are a valuable source of support. They help us re-analyse a
stressful situation and look at it differently.
The main problem focused method that does this is called Stress Inoculation Therapy

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2. 8 weeks of systematic
3. No therapy
The effectiveness of SIT was evaluated
through exam performance and self report.
The SIT group gave the most positive self
reports and outperformed the other
students with no therapy were very
SIT is a form of CBT- Cognitive Behavioural
Conclusion Therefore he concluded that CBT is a
successful method to reduce anxiety. SIT
Self report ­ People may lie, `social
desirability'.…read more

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The person may put up psychological Take another look at the situation and
barriers as it is a good way to block out `reappraise' it.
When you reconsider a situation you can
One defence mechanism is called denial- feel different about it- it can no longer
you refuse to believe the stressful situation cause that much concern.
is happening at all.
Drugs: There are two types of drugs we need to know about- Benzodiazepines and Beta
Blockers.…read more



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