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Biological Psychology: Stress

Stress in everyday life:

Distinction between emotion-focused and problem-focused approaches to coping with

Problem Focused and Emotion Focused Strategies

Lazarus and Folkman distinguished between: EMOTION focused and PROBLEM focused
strategies. Emotion focused strategies attempt to directly reduce the stress response in
the body. They tend to…

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Stress Inoculation Therapy

The idea of SIT is to inoculate ourselves against ourselves from stress.

Strengths Weaknesses

Can be used with preparation for, public It takes time and money and a high level of
speaking and an athlete's race. commitment from the client.

Occupational stress has been treated such It…

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1. 8 weeks of SIT

2. 8 weeks of systematic

3. No therapy

The effectiveness of SIT was evaluated
through exam performance and self report.

The SIT group gave the most positive self
reports and outperformed the other
students with no therapy were very

SIT is a…

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The person may put up psychological Take another look at the situation and
barriers as it is a good way to block out `reappraise' it.
When you reconsider a situation you can
One defence mechanism is called denial- feel different about it- it can no longer
you refuse to…




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