Treating Starch Coursework

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Planning for the investigation; Treating Starch.
Hypothesis: - Starch will break down at pH 6 and 7, faster than if you use the other pH.
Independent Variable:
The different concentration, of the buffer solution. Another independent variable is the amount of
mixture you use, so amylase, starch, the buffer solution.
Dependant Variable:
Time taken, for the mixture for to stay orange.
Range of Data:
pH concentration of 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10.
Controlled Variable:
My investigation, will keep the amount of iodine solution drops the same. Another variable, I will
keep the same is the amount of drops, of the pH concentration. I will keep the amount of amylase
and starch, each time, used in the investigation.
2 Tiles
2 Beakers
1 Test tube
1 Stopwatch
Iodine Solution
1% Amylase
1% Starch
3 Pipettes(Same Scale)
pH Concentrations 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10.
Accuracy: I will make my results accurate by, using a stopwatch, which is to two decimal points.
Precise Data: The results will be similar, as I will use the same amount of iodine solution,
throughout the investigation.
Resolution: I will utilise a pipette, which will allow me to measure, to an accurate scale.
Reliability; I will repeat my results 3 times and eventually work an average.
1. take out, all equipment needed for investigation and check if they all work.
2. Put three drops, of the iodine solution, in rows on the 2 tiles.
3. Once completed, label the first test tube, with the pH to be tested.
4. Then, get the syringe and add 2 cm³ of amylase into the test tube.
5. Next, add 1 cm³ of buffer solution to the test tube, using a syringe.
6. Using another syringe, add 2cm³ of starch to the amylase/buffer solution. Start the stop
watch, and leave it on during the test. During the test, mix using a plastic pipette.

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After 10 seconds, use the pipette to place one drop of the mixture onto the first drop of
iodine. The iodine solution should turn into a black-blue colour. Squirt the rest of the
solution, back into the test tube.
8. Wait another 10 seconds. Then add a second drop of the mixture, to the next drop of iodine.
9. Repeat step 8 until the iodine solution and the amylase/buffer/ starch mixture stay orange.…read more


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