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Xxbecka90xx 29thJuly 2005
OMG I fink im gunna call Jason! I might as well ask him out I mean he does like me! But were close m8s
I luv him to bitz I just don't know if we break up then we can't be m8s why is my life so complicated?
Fran94 4thAugust 2007
Hey, I'm kinda new to this as I've never done it before so you guys will have to bear with me! Set up
this account to write what I want so here goes!
I'm 13 and I live with my family in Cheshire, to go to a big secondary school and I love swimming,
shopping and reading! I just got back from Skiathos, which is an island in Greece. It was gorgeous and
hot and not like where I am now!
Both of these blogs appear to be written by very young people, this is clear because of the type of
lexis they are both using, `m8s', `I'm 13', `OMG' and `break up'. Also within piece A there are lots of
abbreviations, `OMG' and `Lol', phonetic spellings, `fink' and `luv', and alpha numeric combinations,
`m8s'. Within both pieces it is clear that the audience they are trying to appeal to is a young one.
They have a very informal tone, blog B starts with `Hey' instead of a more formal Hello, and blog A
doesn't have any sort of starting sentence or introduction, this may mean that the blog is not for new
time readers. Extract A uses deictic language, `Jason', there is no introduction of this person, or
explanation of who he is, that suggests that either this blog is aimed at herself or to people who
know her, either in school or follow her blog.
Both blogs use ellipsis and ellision, `I'm', `kinda', `gunna', but blog A uses the feature more frequently
than blog B. It appears that although blog B has informal features, and uses a lot of mono syllabic
words, it is far more formally written, it has a structure with paragraphs, there is correct standard
punctuation and uses a literary device, a three parter, `swimming, shopping and reading', and hook
at the end of a sentence to encourage the reader to read on, `so here goes'.


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