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Biology OCR Unit 1
Transport in Animals…read more

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Circulatory Systems
All vertebrates have CLOSED systems .i.e.
Blood is always enclosed in vessels
· Insects have OPEN ones. Blood
contains nutrients etc, flows freely
through the body cavity. Blood
doesn't transport O2.
· O2 and CO2 exchanged by a system
of tubes called the tracheal system.…read more

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Circulatory Systems
· Human is double
· One part serves the lungs + is
called the pulmonary
· Other part serves the rest of
the body + is called the
systemic circulation…read more

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Circulatory Systems
· Fish have single circulatory systems
· Heart pumps blood to gills and then to rest of
body…read more

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The Heart…read more

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The Heart- valves
· Valves in heart prevent blood
from flowing the wrong way
· Right tricuspid, left bicuspid
· If there's higher pressure
behind a valve it's forced
· If the pressure is higher in
front of the valve it's forced
shut.…read more

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