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Transnational Organisations…read more

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What are NGO's?
· Non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is
organized on a local, national or international
· NGOs perform a variety of service and
humanitarian functions, bring citizen concerns
to Governments, advocate and monitor
policies and encourage political participation
through provision of information.
· Examples include save the children, Oxfam
and the international red cross…read more

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Types of NGO's
Operational NGO's Advocacy NGO's
Development related through Fight for a particular cause
initiatives and projects within (political, religious, human
countries rights ect.)
· Relief aid · Greenpeace
· International red cross · Worldwide wildlife fund
· Oxfam · International rescue
committee…read more

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Are NGOs increasing?
· Technological advances help raise awareness
(watching natural disasters as they happen)
· Disposable income due to increased wealth (is this all
· Celebrities become involved in order to raise
awareness and often have their own charities (Elton
John AIDS foundation)
· Use if technology in developing countries to share
awareness and hardships (pen pals and sponsorships)
· Scams and fraud have increased due to rising crime
and deviance…read more

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Are NGOs neutral?
Yes No
· There are little/ no · Environmental concerns and
government interference religion can cause biased
and ideologies opinions
· Not a profit making · Political NGOs can have some
government interference
organisation- not trying to
force money out of people · Corrupt governments and
elites can exert some control
· NGOs wouldn't lie to people
· Do not always have
community an knowledge and
can oppress the natives…read more

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Just wanted to say thank you! All your resources for global development have been sooo helpful! :)

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