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The Druids are accustomed to be
exempt from war and do not pay
Their tributes together with the rest; they
have exemption from military service
education and freedom from all duties. Aroused
by such great rewards, many both join
· They get exemption from for training of their own accord and are
military service- this is why sent by their parents and relations.
it is so popular.
There they're said to learn a great
· They have to learn verses
number of verses by heart; therefore
off by heart as they do not
like to have them written some remain in training for twenty
·They do not want their rule years. And they do not think that it is
of life to be spread (very right to entrust these verses to writing,
secretive) ­ `spread among although they use Greek characters in
the crowd' almost all other matters. That they
·Use Greek (must've seem to me to have begun/established
travelled) because of/for these reasons, because
·Privileged they wish neither their rule of life to be
·Expect a lot from their made known/spread among the crowd
students (emphasising on
memory) - didn't want nor those who learn it pay less
people to rely on notes attention to memory by relying on
(`letters') letters.
·Put emphasis on · They especially want to persuade
persuading people of their people of this that souls do not perish,
Dogma ­ `im primus'
but cross over from one to another, and
(especially ­ they especially
put emphasis) think that men are greatly excited to
·They believe in the soul encourage this, after they have
and reincarnation neglected the fear of death. Besides
disputes many things about stars and
their motion, about the size of the
world and our world/earth, about the
nature of things and about the power
and strength of the Immortal Gods and
hand them over to young men.…read more


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