Translation of Germanicus and Piso, Tacitus (GCSE Latin Literature passage)

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Piso in Syria
at Cn. Piso, quo celerius consilia inciperet, postquam Syriam ac legiones attigit,
But Gnaeus Piso, in order to begin his plans more quickly, after he reached Syria and his legions,
largitione et ambitu infimos militum iuvabat.
was helping the most disreputable of the soldiers with generous gifts and bribery.
cum veteres centuriones, severos tribunos demovisset,
When he had got rid of the senior centurions and the strict tribunes
locaque eorum clientibus suis attribuisset,
and had handed over their posts to his own clients,
desidiam in castris, licentiam in urbibus, lascivientes per agros milites sinebat.
he allowed idleness in the camps, hooliganism in the cities, and soldiers running riot through the
Nec Plancina, uxor Pisonis, se gerebat ut feminam decebat, sed exercitio equitum intererat,
Nor did Plancina, Piso's wife, behave as a lady ought to, but attended the exercises of the cavalry
et in Agrippinam, in Germanicum contumelias iaciebat.
and hurled insults at Agrippina and Germanicus.
nota haec Germanico, sed praeverti ad Armenios instantior cura fuit.
These things were known to Germanicus but a more pressing concern was to attend first to the Armenians.
The Death of Germanicus
saevam vim morbi augebat persuasio veneni a Pisone accepti;
His belief that poison had been received from Piso increased the savage virulence of the illness;
et reperiebantur solo ac parietibus erutae humanorum corporum reliquiae,
and the remains of human bodies were found dug up from the floors and the walls,
carmina et devotiones et nomen Germanici plumbeis tabulis insculptum,
spells and curses and Germanicus' name inscribed on lead tablets (were found),
cineres semusti ac tabo obliti aliaque malefica
half-burnt ashes smeared with rotten flesh and other evil objects
quibus creditor animas numinibus infernis sacrari.
by which it is believed that souls were dedicated to the gods of the underworld (were found).
simul missi a Pisone incusabantur quod valetudinis adversae signa exspectarent.
At the same time, (men) sent by Piso were being accused of awaiting signs of ill health.
haec Germanico haud minus ira quam per metum accepta sunt.
These things were accepted by Germanicus not less with anger than through fear.
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Componit epistulam qua amicitiam ei renuntiabat.
He composed a letter in which he broke off his friendship with him (Piso).
Germanicus paulisper se credidit convalescere; deinde fessum fiebat corpus.
For a short while Germanicus believed that he was getting better, then his body became tired.
Ubi finis aderat, adstantes amicos ita adloquitur:
When the end was near, he addressed his friends (who were) present in this way:
"erit vobis occasio querendi apud senatum atque invocandi leges.…read more

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at Agrippina, quamquam defessa luctu et corpore aegro, impatiens tamen erat omnium quae
ultionem morarentur.
But Agrippina, although exhausted by grief and with a sick body, was however unable to endure
everything that might delay (her) revenge.…read more

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And although they were not refraining from the outward signs of mourning they were grieving more
deeply in their souls.
navigatione hiberni maris nequaquam intermissa Agrippina Brundisio appropinquat.
With her voyage over the winter sea not at all interrupted Agrippina approached Brundisium.
interim adventu eius audito multi amici et plurimi milites qui sub Germanico stipendia fecerant
ruerunt ad portum.
Meanwhile when they heard of her arrival many friends and very many soldiers who had served under
Germanicus rushed to the harbour.…read more

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Germanici consimili studio obiecerunt Pisonem,
Three of Germanicus' friends with similar eagerness alleged that Piso,
odio Germanici et rerum novarum studio, milites per licentiam et sociorum iniurias corrupisse;
out of hatred of Germanicus and eagerness for revolution, had corrupted the soldiers through riotous
behaviour and ill treatment of allies;
postremo ipsum Germanicum devotionibus et veneno occidisse. tum et Pisonem et Plancinam,
finally that he had killed Germanicus with curses and poison.…read more

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Key Prepositions/Connectives Subject (nom.) Object (acc.…read more

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Nero Claudius Germanicus Caesar, born in 15 B.C., was a favourite of the Emperor Augustus, who saw
him as a possible heir, if anything happened to his own adopted son and favourite heir, Tiberius. Therefore in
A.D. 4, Augustus forced Tiberius to adopt Germanicus, who was Tiberius' nephew. In the following year,
Germanicus married Agrippina, the granddaughter of Augustus.
Germanicus was given command of the Roman forces on the northern frontier and was popular with
the legions and the people.…read more


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