Transformations of Graphs A*

gcse transformation of graphs!

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Transformations of Graphs [A*]
Transforming a graph is about changing a function in a particular and
predictable way.
For clarity all the functions are referred to as f(x). All this means is `any
function where the only variable is x'
For example:
f(x) = x + 3
f(x) = 5x
f(x) = 2x ­ 7
f(x) = x2
f(x) = x3 + 2x ­ 1
f(x) = sin x
There are six statements that you need to learn about transformations.
Y = x2
Y = x2 + 2

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Example #1: The following is the graph for Y = x2 + 3x ­ 4. On the same
axes draw the graph Y = 2x2 + 3x ­ 2. Describe the transformations.…read more

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