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· Transcription is the conversion of a base
sequence from DNA into a mRNA molecule
using the law of base pairing.
· Transcription is the first main step in
protein synthesis.…read more

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· The mRNA is made using a strand of DNA as
a template.
· A cistron is the specific length of DNA which
codes for the mRNA.
· Often, a cistron is equivalent to a gene and
codes for a specific polypeptide.…read more

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· H- bonds between the base pairs break and
so the DNA, unwinds.
· One of the DNA strands acts as a template
against which a matching RNA strand can be
formed.…read more

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· The exposed bases on the template strand of
DNA attract RNA nucleotides with a
complementary base.
· E.g. Cytosine On the DNA will attract a
guanine RNA nucleotide.…read more

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· The enzyme RNA polymerase moves along
the DNA.
· It forms bonds that join the nucleotides one
by one to the RNA.
· Behind the RNA polymerase the DNA
strands join together again to reform the
double helix.…read more


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