Training zones

This is what i used in my GCSE PE course work on the different training zones. I hope this is useful to you.




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Section seven Training zones
Training zones are worked out by your maximum heart rate (which is worked out
by 220 minus your age) and your resting heart rate (your heart rate when you are
resting). Within each training zone events take place to enhance your
If somebody's heart rate is 189 and his resting heart rate is 60.When their
heart rate is between 137 and 170 beats per minute during a work out, they
is exercising at an intensity level of 60-85%.
7080% training zone
Training in this zone helps to develop the cardiovascular system. You may
become fitter and stronger as improvements can be made.
8090% training zone
Training in this zone will develop the lactic acid system and fat is the main source
of energy.
90100% training zone
Training in this zone can only be done for short periods of time. This training
zone helps to develop speed.


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