Tourism rise causes

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6/3/12 Tertiary Industry Case Study
Industry in an LEDC ­ Tourism.
Environmental impact of industry.
Reasons for the growth of L and T.
Rise of the middle class ­ people now earn higher
wages and so have money to spend of things other
than bills.
DISPOSABLE INCOME. All social groups.
Improvements in transport ­ people can travel further,
faster and safer ­ eg air travel. It used to take 18 hrs to
travel to Male (capital of Maldives) with two transfer
points. Now direct flight ­ 10 hours.
Car ownership ­ people can now travel to places easily
but not so cheaply any more due to fuel prices. Car
ownership has increased leisure opportunities.
"Restricted" working hours ­ recommended hours per
week and days per week legislation. People can
therefore have time off - ie 8 hrs per day.
Paid holiday leave ­ people are not working but are still
earning money ­ therefore they can pay for holiday.
Changes in employment structure ­ ie away from
agriculture which is difficult to leave unattended.

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Increase in knowledge and understanding of different
parts of the world via TV / Mags / Travel books etc.
People want to explore and see different things.
Ease of booking ­ especially via internet ­ technology
now makes travel much easier to organise.
Growth of extreme interest and sports ­ people want
to do things like scuba diving / bungee jumping / white
water rafting.…read more


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