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basic notes on tourism

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Tourism involves activities that require travel from home and staying away from home for at least
one night
A tourist is a person who travels to a place that is not his/her usual home and stays there for at least
one night for any purpose including business.
Domestic holidays in own country
International holidays in another country
Reasons why tourism has boomed
Economic Social Technological
People have higher disposable People have more leisure time Development of internet
incomes (money to spend after and work less so have more means more people can easily
paying for necessities) so they time to take holidays look up holidays and booking
can afford more holidays on line makes it so easy for
anyone to go on holiday
Flights are much cheaper so People discuss holidays + Development of bigger places
more people can afford more influence their friend to travel (double decker planes) so
holidays to lots of different more people can travel at the
places same time
Improved infrastructure so it is More people live abroad and Knowledge has increased
easier to travel cheaper so family comes to visit them about different places home
and abroad
More money so more More old people who have lots Increased advertising
businesses set up and more of time and money go on lots promotes more holiday
money to build and develop of holidays destinations for people.
bigger and better planes.
Competition pushes prices
People are getting wealthier Holiday time and pay available
so can afford more holidays in most jobs by law
Small families or no kids,
Double Income No Kids-travel a
Where are the environments that favour tourism?
Coastal areas
Basic attractions- Sun, Sand and Sea
UK coastal resorts have sand and sea but not guaranteed sun
Mass summer exodus from the UK to beaches around the Mediterranean took off in the
1970s with charter flights and package holidays, especially to Spain

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Winter beach holidays are to the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Asia
Basic attractions Snow and Scenery
The Scottish Cairngorms have ski facilities, but not guaranteed winter snow.
The Alps have more snow and it can be guaranteed at high levels.
The Rockies of USA and Canada have more snow and it is guaranteed.…read more

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Disruption of natural wildlife
Social/Cultural Positive Negative
Impacts Can raise quality of living in Lots of traffic
developing countries Lots of pressure on local services
Greater appreciation of other Too much sewage-tourism must be
cultures restricted
Money conserves historical buildings Increase in house prices-bad for
Cultural dances very popular locals
People get upset
Increase gap between rich and poor
Encourage begging-extremes of
Culture clashes
Cultural items reconstructed
Skills lost in industry
Cultural dances modified
Tourism in the UK
Key facts
2008-32million overseas visitors
2007-…read more

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UK National Parks
A National park is an area of beautiful and relatively wild countryside
Creating a National Park has two aims:
To preserve and enhance an area's natural beauty
To promote peoples enjoyment of the countryside
There are 15 UK National Parks
Managed by National Park Authorities
Owned by a range of people (farmers, water companies, government, national trust , council
There are more National parks in the North and West than the South and East of England.…read more


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