Tourism and Development

A document on:

  • Main characteristics of rural tourism in the UK.
  • Cost/Benefit analysis of tourism, each categorised into environmental, economic and social.
  • The issues of eco-tourism, the multipler effect, global interdependence, cumulative causation and economic leakages.
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James Fortson

Main characteristics of rural tourism in the UK:

A high percentage of tourism-related businesses are owned and
managed by "outsiders" to a rural area. This means that more of the
profits and gains are withdrawn from the local area.
Congestion and housing are issues due…

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James Fortson

Cumulative Causation: The unfolding of events linked to a change in the
economy (e.g. the location of a factory might be the basis for more investment,
jobs and infrastructure).

Global Interdependence: When everybody's lives are closely linked, and any
countries' problems are part of a larger global problem.…


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