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What is enterprise: Enterprise is a characteristic of an entrepreneur. It describes the
willingness of an individual or an organisation to take risks, show initiative and
undertake ventures.
Thinking creativity: coming up with new and unique ideas.
Deliberate creativity: the intentional creation of new ideas through recognised and
accepted technique.
Competitive advantage: an advantage that a business has that enables it to perform
better than its rivals in the market.
Lateral thinking: thinking differently to try and find new and unexpected ideas.
Blue skies thinking: a technique of creative thinking where participants are encouraged
to think of as many new ideas as possible about an issue or a problem.
Six thinking hats: a technique that helps organise and focus on those ideas.
1. White hat: thinking about the FACTS
2. Red hat: thinking about the EMOTIONS AND GUT FEELING
3. Black hat: thinking about the PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES
4. Yellow hat: thinking about the POSITIVE ASPECTS
5. Green hat: thinking about the SOLUTIONS
6. Blue hat: thinking about the WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE AND
Invention: the discovery of new processes
Innovation: the process of transforming inventions into products that can be sold to
Calculating risk: the probability of a negative event occurring
Copyright: legal ownership of materials such as books, music and films which prevents
these being copied by others.
Patents: ownership of an invention or process when it's registered with the government.
Downsides: the disadvantages of a course of action including what could go wrong.
Upsides: the advantages of a course of action including what could go right.

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Driven: being very motivated in a business
Mindmap: a diagram that is used to record words and ideas connected to a central
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