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Inside Our Planet!

Plate Tectonics
The plates move very slowly at the speed of a few
cm a year. Occasionally the plates
move suddenly, creating
earthquakes. Earthquakes and
volcanos occur along the boundaries
of tectonic plates.

Earthquakes and Volcanic

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Scientists can't say exactly when the plates will move because
we have no way of seeing inside the mantle because it is so hot
we would be burnt up.

However... scientists can look at clues to get a rough idea about
when and where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will take…

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and over time they drifted apart.

There were a few problems with his theory. First he couldn't say
why they were moving, second, he used some inaccurate data
in his calculations about how fast they were moving apart. So,
no one believed him for many years.

Modern Theory
In the…

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As the earth cooled a thin crust was made and the water vapour
in the air condensed into oceans. Then green plants and algae
developed that were happy in the CO2 atmosphere. These plants
created O2 through photosynthesis and locked away the carbon
inside them. These plants died and were…

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It's cooled to 200C so it becomes a liquid
Water vapour condenses and is removed
The liquified air is heated slowly in a fractionating column.
The remaining gasses are separated by fractional


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