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Advantages Disadvantages
Practical advantages : Practical disadvantages:
Quick and cheap means of gathering large Data can be limited and superficial, need to
quantities of data from large number of be brief limit the amount of info. Because long
people. questionnaires unlikely to be completed take
too long.
No need to…

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involvement is minimum e.g. postal Only method that allow you to gain valid
questionnaires. This is attractive to positivists. picture are methods that get you close to
subject, such Participant observation.

Lack of contact ­ no opportunity to clarify
what the question means, or respond and
research might interpret question…

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Questionnaires are reliable, pre coded Tell us little about the meaning held by
questions can produce quantitative data, social actors
enables to measure and identify behaviour And questionnaires not very valid ­ and
patterns and establish cause and effect. interpretivism main goal is validity
Questionnaires often large scale ­


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