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Elements have a......
Mass number p +n ­also called the nucleon number.
Atomic number ­ p ­also called the proton number.
Isotopes are different atomic forms of the same element with different number of
neutrons but same number of protons.
Most elements have 1 or 2 stable isotopes
i.e. carbon12…

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1) A slow moving neutron fired at a nucleus of uransium 235, which then means
that the nucleus of uransium 235 will absorb the neutron and this will cause it to
become unstable and spit out.
2) It will spit out 2 ligjter elements wihch are called daughter neuclei and…

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prtons ­ like charges repel. As thus measn that it has to be held in a magnetic eild
than a phyicisla container as any material wouldn't stand suc conditions it would
simply vaporise.
Experimental reactors present but none of tem have generated electricityas it takes
more power to make te…


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