Topic 4 Revision - Interdependence - GCSE Edexcel B2

Last document for complete edexcel B2 revision. They helped me...Hope they help you tooo! Good luck.

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Topic 4 Revision ­ Interdependence
IINTERDEPENDENCE: When animals depend on each other for their survival
Lichens are organisms made up of green algae and fungi. The green algae produce food by photosynthesis.
Algae share the food they make by photosynthesis with the fungi. The fungi provide water and minerals for the
ADAPTATION: A feature of an organism which makes it more likely to survive in a particular environment
The Tench has long barbels extending from near its mouth.
These barbels help it to find food on the bottom of the lake.
Bumblebees have thick coats which keep them warm in cold conditions.
Baleen whales have a special filter feeding mechanism instead of teeth ­ this enables them to eat krill.
Weed Roach Carp Pike
The top carnivore in this food chain is a pike.

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The Giant Panda is an endangered species because:
Unable to compete with human population
Loss of habitat/deforestation
Climate change
Reduced food supply/hunting/poaching/disease
Inability to find a mate because the population is fragmented
What could be done to increase numbers?
Link up the different areas again
Plant bamboo
Set up reserves/breeding programmes
Deep Sea Volcanic Vents…read more

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Further adaptations of geese:
Thicker fat layer for insulation
Thicker feathers
Use wings more to produce more heat
Strong flyers/strong feathers
Flying in formation
Large food reserves/higher proportion of fat in food reserves
Can tolerate water collecting in tissues
Bigger wings
Eyes have feathers to shade them
LIVING INDICATORS: An organism whose distribution/condition/success/ behaviour relates
to change in environment, e.g. lichen and muscle distribution incidence of skin cancer
NONLIVING INDICATORS: We use these to measure changes in the environment, e.g.…read more


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