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Topic 3
Ethnicity and Educational
Achievement…read more

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Material and Cultural factors
affecting underachievement
BABB ET AL. (2004)
Haque and Bell (2001):
Children most likely to Parental qualifications
underachieve in England are: Class
Male Culture: struggling with
From low socioeconomic
background language
With parents who have low Black students who are
or no qualifications discriminated against
Living in a single parent Fuller (1984):
household Complying to peer pressure:
Having many siblings black girls who want to
Attending a state school
succeed academically but
rather than an independent
school don't want to lose face in
Attending a school with a front of friends by being
high of free-school meal identified as clever or
eligibility. intelligent.…read more

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Fuller Vs Mirza
·Black girls often want
to respond to labelling
or racism by wanting
to prove them wrong
·Or that self-fulfilling
The expectations that
someone will do badly
or well due to past
determinations of
other pupils of the
same ethnic minority e.
g. stereotyping…read more

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Gillborn (2002):
·Teachers interpret
educational policy to
disadvantage Black students.
·G&T schemes which lock
black students out of aim
higher workshops by placing
them in vocational.
·Not as encouraged in the
black students to go for higher
education but rather to enter
the workforce as soon as Teachers have been accused of underestimating the abilities of black
compulsory education is up. Caribbean students. The gaurdian
Gillborn and Youdell
(1999): Hatcher (1996) examined the role governing bodies
·Marketization of schools = `A
of schools:
to C economy'
·Teachers neglect their Regularly ignore race issues within the schools
overachievers and `no-hopers' Finding the prospect of making sure all the people
to focus their attention on the who can pass do, to boost the school's ratings on the
pupils who are on the cusp of
a good grade, often League tables.
categorising Black students
into the `no-hopers' unjustly.…read more

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Summary of factors affecting
Labelling names Material Deprivation
Stereotyping individual's Single parent household
behaviour Cultural values
Teacher expectations
Self-fulfilling prophecy Length of time in
Curriculum country
Peer group status - parents knowing the
Ethnocentric curriculm system
(Gillborn's institutional - language
racism theory)
Parental qualifications
Result: 4x exclusions of Black boys
Schools churn out students with low self esteem
Asians achieve higher results…read more


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