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1.2 Investigating Populations
For A2 AQA Biology…read more

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The place where an organism
normally lives, which is
characterised by physical conditions
and the species of other organisms
present.…read more

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Random Sampling
Random Sampling is used to avoid
any bias in collecting data. Avoiding
bias ensures that the data obtained
is valid.…read more

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Counting the number of individuals
of a species in a given space.…read more

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Frequency is the likelihood of a
particular species occurring in a
It gives a quick idea of the species
present and their general
distribution within an area. However
it does not provide information on
the density and detailed distribution
of species…read more

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Percentage Cover
Is an estimate of the area within a
quadrat that a particular plant
species covers.
Advantage ­ data be collected rapidly
& individual plants do not need be
Disadvantage ­ less useful organisms
occur in several overlapping layers…read more

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