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Topic V
Gender, crime and justice…read more

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Gender Patterns In Crime
Heidensohn: gender differences are perhaps "the most significant feature of
recorded crime"…read more

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The Chivalry Thesis & Evidence for
Men are socialised to act in a `chivalrous' way to women
Pollak: "Men hate to accuse women and thus send them to their punishment"
Justice system is more lenient with women
Bowling: In a sample of 1,721 14-25yr olds found that although males are
more likely to offend, the difference was smaller than recorded
Flood-page et al: Only 1 in 11 female self-reported offenders had been
cautioned or prosecuted compared to 1 in 7 males
Ministry of justice: 49% of woman received a caution compared to 30% of
Hoods: Study of 3,000 defendants found the women were about 1/3 less
likely to be jailed in similar cases…read more

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Evidence Against The Chivalry Thesis
Farrington: Study of sentencing 408 offences of theft in a magistrates' court
found that women were not sentenced more leniently for comparable
Buckle: Witnessed twice as more male shop-lifters than female ­ despite the
statics telling a different story
Box: If women are treated leniently it may be because their sentences are
less serious also, more likely to show remorse for their crimes…read more

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Evaluation Of The Chivalry Thesis
Slightly sexists as it states that `women are particularly adept at hiding their
crimes, this is attributed to the female biology'
Hiedensohn: Based on analysis that had very little evidence and many
unsupported assumptions. She regarded it as being based upon an
unsubstantiated stereotypical image of women…read more

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Bias Against Women: Heidensohn
Justice system is often bias against women
The courts treat women more harshly when they deviate from gender norms
Stewart: magistrates perceptions of female defendants' characters were
based on stereotypical gender norms
Carlen: Woman are jailed less for `the seriousness of the crime and more
according to the court's assessment of them as wives, mothers and daughters'
These double standards exists because the justice system is patriarchal
Smart: Quotes Judge Wild `Women who say no do not always mean no, if she
simply doesn't want it she only have to keep her legs shuts'
Walklate: In rape cases, the victim has to prove her respectability
Adler: Women who `lack respectability' e.g lone mothers are less likely to be
believed by the court…read more

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