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BUSS1: Ten Top Tips
Some advice for students sitting the BUSS1 exam.
Here is a summary of the ten top tips for getting BUSS1 right first time:
1. Always read the questions before reading the case study. This will give you focus and ensure
your precious reading time is used effectively. If you've read the questions then you know exactly which
bits of the case are going to be of the most use and enable you to apply your answers throughout
2. When reading the case study, look for information that will help you get the bigger picture
about the business (The Context). Make sure you get your head around key areas to help apply
your answers, such as:
a. The product (USP? A product or a service?)
b. The target market/customer being targeted
c. Competition and market conditions
d. The entrepreneur(s) and their experience
e. The market research conducted
3. Highlight every number in the case study. The numbers are all given to you for a reason and you
can bring them into your answers to help support points and boost application marks. They will also help
you to get a viewpoint on the financial challenges that the business is facing.
4. Timings are vital. If you have done a timed mock already you'll know the challenge of finishing the
paper in 1 hour and 15 minutes. You should follow the `mark a minute rule' where you allow yourself a
minute for each mark allocated to the question. This gives you 15 minutes to read the case and plan
your answers.
5. Be clear about the objectives and motives of the business and the entrepreneurs. By getting a
handle on this, you can demonstrate through your analysis and evaluation that you have really got to
grips with the specific challenges facing this business.
6. Get the basics right. You have a lot of key terms to learn for this paper. You will
find it very hard to perform on this paper unless you know the basics and can accurately define these
key terms at the start of your answers. Don't forget, you also need to make sure you can state the
formula in a calculation question.
7. Don't be subtle with your application! To be awarded `good application' you must demonstrate that
your answers are firmly rooted in the case study and are not just your own rendition of your revision

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Avoid subtlety by hitting the examiner with statistics from the case and points that refer very
closely to the specific situation the business is in (see point 2).
8. Analyse stepbystep. All answers in Q2 must show the skill of analysis, where you explain the
impacts of your points on the business in the case. Avoid jumping straight to how profits may go up or
down by taking the examiner through the things that might happen as a result of your point stepbystep.…read more


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