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To what extent was the Tsarist system of government modified in the years 1881-1914?

"wasted years" in the solution of Russia's internal problems

Neither of the Tsars wanted to reform
wanted modernization while keeping the autocracy intact.
primarily for military purposes. In many ways it undermined the autocrac
It created…

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Over six hundred anti-Jewish measures were introduced.
the number who could attend university was limited.
forbidden to trade on Christian holy days.

reforming minded ministers

Witte and Stolypin but they were never really supported by the Tsar


attack of the village commune (allowing villagers to create separate plots) had…

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· Zemstva -industrial council was encouraged and helped by government - introduced
extensive improvements in public health and a system of health insurance for workers.


In 1908 a program announced to bring about compulsory universal education within ten years.

· now that the parties were split, and the war…


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