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Millie Rollason

To what extent was the accelerating European arms race after
1900 responsible for the outbreak of the First World War?

The accelerating European arms race after 1900 certainly contributed to the
outbreak of the First World War as it fuelled competition between the powers,
creating deep divides within…

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Millie Rollason

matter, especially as Britain's defended her far-flung and precious Empire. This
militaristic outlook, fuelled by nationalism, was thriving in Europe at the time,
and it was this factor that encouraged key sub-factors such as the arms race.

Furthermore, it was rampant nationalism - especially evident in the

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Millie Rollason

to the frictions and conflicts between the Great Powers. However, it was the
assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that brought such friction and
conflict to the surface to materialise into warfare, and the system of alliances in
Europe that turned what could have been simply a localised war…


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