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To what extent has the location of sovereignty changed?
EU Law is superior to British law
We have to obey this as we are part of the European Union
Factortame Case- ruled that the Merchant Shipping Act 1988, limiting
the rights of foreign shipping vessels to fish in British waters,
contravened EU Law
This means that any act of Parliament has to meet EU regulations or it
can over overruled
Power has shifted to the executive
The PM has become powerful over the…read more

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Although the ECHR is not legally binding on Parliament, Parliament often
treats it as if were Supreme
However, it is does not look good if Parliament is passing laws against
The UK can leave the EU
This would restore sovereignty to the UK
Parliament has power over the Executive
Parliament has ability to block legislation- House of Lords does this most
often, such as with the introduction of ID cards in 2005 which the Lords
Parliament can pass a vote…read more

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Parliament can pass any law it wishes and it has to be enforced by the
courts and other authorities
Parliament is not bound by its predecessors and cannot hold its successors
Any law can be amended/repealed
Laws cannot be entrenched against change…read more


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