To Kill A Mockingbird KEY QUOTES

A list of helpful quotes to know for the To Kill A Mockingbird GCSE Exam :) Hope they help you!

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Quotes 2012
`You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view - until
you climb into his skin and walk around in it'
`Shoot all the Blue jays you want, if you can hit `em, but remember, it's a sin to kill a
`Atticus, he was real nice' - `most people are Scout, when you finally see them'
MAYCOMB = `old' , `tired', `the county seat of Maycomb county'
SETTING = `it was a time of vague optimism'
`Maycomb had recently been told that it had nothing to fear but fear itself'
`there was nothing to buy and no money to buy it with'
`inside lived a malevolent phantom `reasonable recluse' `gentleman'
`misery of that house' / CLOSED SHUTTERS & DOORS ` meant illness and cold weather'
`if I had gone alone to the Radley Place at two in the morning, my funeral would have been held
the next afternoon'
`The Radley Place was inhabited by an unknown entity, the mere description of whom was
enough to make us behave for days on end'
`Atticus was right. One time he said you never really understand a person until you stand in their
shoes and walk around in them. Just standing on the Radley Porch was enough'
`I'm beginning to understand why Boo Radley's stayed shut up in the house all this's
because he wants to.'
`He dined on raw squirrels'/`long jagged scar that ran across his face' `white hands, sickly
white hands that had never seen the sun'
`I hadn't looked forward to anything more in my life' - SCHOOL
`until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing'
`I split my knuckle to the bone on his front teeth'
`The world's endin', Atticus! Please do something!'
`Tormenting Boo Radley became passé'
`maybe it just slipped his mind'
`I must soon enter this world'
`I was more at home in my father's world'
`I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks.'
`if Aunty could be a lady at a time like this, so could I'
`there wasn't much else left for us to learn, except possibly algebra'

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Quotes 2012
`in all his life, Jem had never declined a dare'
`If he was proud of it, he'da told us'
`Hush, Scout...…read more

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Quotes 2012
`her hand was as wide as a bed slat and twice as hard'
`a faithful member' OF THE FINCH FAMILY
`don't you fret'
`own twilight world'
` Dill had been studied and found acceptable'
`Dill was a curiosity'
`I think I'll be a clown when I get grown'
`Dill recited this narrative'
`Dill was asking Reverend Sykes what it was all about'
`Beautiful things floated around in his dreamy head'
`the meanest old woman who…read more

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Quotes 2012
`around here, once you have a drop of negro blood that makes you all black'
`usual disease'
`Mr Finch, if you were a nigger like me you'd be scared too'
`Four negroes rose and gave us their front row seats'
`Your father's no better than the niggers and trash he works for!'
`Uncle Atticus is a nigger lover' / `it certainly does mortify the rest of the family' / `we'll never be
able to walk the streets of…read more


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