To Kill A Mockingbird: Jem


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Not prejudiced `... he had cut the After Mrs Dubose insults
and strongly tops off every Atticus, due to him
dislikes those camellia bush Mrs defending Tom, Jem gets
who are. Dubose owned' angry with her, and
­p109. destroys her flowers
because he doesn't like ­
and doesn't really
understand ­ prejudice.
Courageous. `I did not Although it is unlikely that
understand how Jem would have been hurt,
[Atticus] could sit he shows courage by
there in cold owning up to what he did,
blood... when his and going back to Mrs
only son stood an Dubose's to face the
excellent chance of consequences.
being murdered...'
Upset by the `[Jem's]shoulders Jem believes strongly that
trial. jerked as if each Tom is innocent, and,
`guilty' was a although Tom Robinson is
separate stab black, Jem firmly believes
between them.' that he shouldn't be guilty.
­p217. He cries at this, as he was
convinced in victory, but has
now learned some bitter
truths about human nature,
and how unfair the justice
system is.
Protects "Run, Scout! Run! When they're being
Scout. Run!" ­p268. attacked by Mr Ewell, Jem is
quick to help Scout, and
protect her even if it means
he is the one who gets most
hurt. Jem would probably do

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