To kill a mockingbird chapter synopsis

A short chapter synopsis of to kill a mockingbird

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Sean Coen 11Co
Chapte Comment
Part 1
1 Background to the main characters. Scout, Dill, Jem, Atticus and Calpurnia
2 Scouts first day at school. Learn about the classes (e.g. Cunningham)
3 Scout attacks Walter, but is stopped by Jem and is invited round their house to lunch. Burris E
reduces Miss Caroline to tears and his first and only day at school is over.
4 Scout finds chewing gum in a tree near the Radley house and two days from end of school the
find two old pennies. They are convinced Boo put them there.
5 Dill and Jem start excluding Scout from their plots, so Scout spends more time with Miss Mau
Atkinson and learns more about Boo.
6 Dill and Jem have a new idea. Look though one of the Radley windows. But Nathan Radley thi
there intruders and fires a shotgun.
7 Scout starts second grade and on the way home they go to the tree and find a ball of twine. T
then find a figure of a boy and girl carved out of soap, an old pocket watch. They decide to wr
letter to whoever is leaving them things, but they discover the next day that the hole has been
filled with cement.
8 Miss Atkinson's house catches fire in the night. And the Finches have to get out. They watch t
house and Boo puts a blanket on Scout and she does not notice.
9 Their Uncle Jack comes down for Christmas and they have to go to Aunt Alexandra's house wi
their cousin Francis. Francis then teases Scout about her father defending a black man but Sco
gets caught by Uncle Jack when she attacks Francis.
10 Tim Johnson dies by Atticus shooting the dog.
11 Jems 12th birthday. He destroys Mrs. Dubose's flowers and is forced to read to her, to break h
morphine addiction so she can die in peace.
To Kill A Mocking Bird Chapter Synopsis
Chapte Comment
Part 2
12 Atticus has to go to town for 2 weeks. Calpurnia takes Scout and Jem to an African church and
when they get home Aunt Alexandria is on the porch waiting. The children find out that Tom i
jail for raping Mr Ewell daughter.
13 Scout and Jem find out Aunt Alexandria is staying with them for a while.
14 Scout finds Dill under her bed. Dill ran away because his parents weren't interested in him.
15 Heck Tate tells Atticus that people are going to get Tom. Atticus goes and the children follow.
mob turns up and scout saves the day without knowing it.
16 Tom's trial starts and the children sneak in and watch the first witness Heck Tate.
17 Atticus questions Heck and finds holes in his testimony that proves it could not have been Tom
Atticus finds out that Her right eye was bruised and neck was too. Bob Ewell is next and becom
apparent to Jem that it was Bob who attacked Mayella.

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Sean Coen 11Co
18 Mayella is next. Atticus finds holes in her testimony. And find out that Toms left arm is a foot
shorter than his right, making him a cripple, so he could not have blacked her right eye.
19 Tom is the last person in the stand. He explains how he helped her with her chores all the tim
when he was passing past. He explained that it was Mayella that came on to him.
20 Mr Dolphus Raymond talks to Dill.…read more


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