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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Basic Outlines
1) Children meet Dill & Radley introduction.

2) Scout goes to school. Miss Caroline tells her off for reading & Discovers social stereotypes
& prejudices.

3) Scout fights Walter. Jem invites Walter for tea. Scout learns to treat guests with the same

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17) Racial segregation in the court house. Heck Tate testifies on the side of Bob Ewell and Bob
supports his testimony about Mayella Ewell having a black right eye after being punched
by Tom Robinson.

18) Mayella Ewell testifies and accuses Tom Robinson of rape, she is questioned about family…

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30) Boo Radley is finally introduced to us and he is the opposite of the monster he was made
out to be. He is in fact shy and brave. Heck Tate convinces Atticus not to let Boo Radley
stand before the court house and to face the same prejudices as…


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