To Kill A Mocking Bird- Brief Chapter Summary

Brief summaries of all the individual chapters in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' written by Harper Lee.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Basic Outlines
1) Children meet Dill & Radley introduction.
2) Scout goes to school. Miss Caroline tells her off for reading & Discovers social stereotypes
& prejudices.
3) Scout fights Walter. Jem invites Walter for tea. Scout learns to treat guests with the same
respect regardless of social prejudices.
4) Gifts in Knot of tree near Radley house.
5) Scout learns about Boo Radley from Miss Maudie when spending time with her. The
children plot to leave Boo a note.
6) Children try to see Boo through the window. Jem loses his trousers as they run away at the
sound of a shot gun.
7) Jem and Scout continue to find things in the tree. Go to write thank you note, Nathan
Radley fills hole with cement.
8) Miss Maudie's house catches fire. Boo places blanket around Scout.
9) Cecil said Atticus was a "Niggerlover" and Scout walks away from a fight. Scout beats up
her cousin Francis, Atticus tells Scout and Jem he is defending Tom Robinson Courage.
10) Jem and Scout do not feel proud of Atticus. Atticus shoots a rabid dog. Atticus doesn't
want the children to respect him for something deadly. Atticus protects Maycomb from
the dog like he tries to protect the town from prejudice.
11) Jem cuts Mrs Dubose's flowers. Mrs Dubose wants to die free of a morphine addition.
Atticus admires her as she is brave and courageous . He knows that he isn't going to win
the Tom Robinson trial but he still tries.
12) Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to a Black Church, where they welcome the children with
open arms. Lula is the only one to display prejudices.
13) Aunt Alexandra is socially prejudice. She wants Jem and Scout to live up to the family
name, and Scout to become more like a woman.
14) Dill runs away and is found under Scout's bed. The Finch's is where he feels loved and
15) Atticus threatened by a lynch mob, outside the jail, who want to get to Tom. Scout
manages to disperse the group by talking to Mr Cunningham about his son Walter.
16) Atticus defends Calpurnia against Aunt Alexandra's prejudices.

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Racial segregation in the court house. Heck Tate testifies on the side of Bob Ewell and Bob
supports his testimony about Mayella Ewell having a black right eye after being punched
by Tom Robinson.
18) Mayella Ewell testifies and accuses Tom Robinson of rape, she is questioned about family
life. We find that Tom Robinson has lost his left hand.
19) Atticus questions both Tom and Mayella. Mayella is lonely, unhappy and her father is
abusive.…read more

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Boo Radley is finally introduced to us and he is the opposite of the monster he was made
out to be. He is in fact shy and brave. Heck Tate convinces Atticus not to let Boo Radley
stand before the court house and to face the same prejudices as Tom Robinson.
31) Scout has grown up and developed as a person but she is still a child. The end chapter
gives the reader hope for a more equal future in Maycomb.…read more


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