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· Learning that accurate measurements can be
taken in a neutralisation reaction.
· Learning that there are methods for
determining the completion of a
neutralisation reaction.…read more

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· strong acid + strong alkali
= neutralise & form a salt
· But ONLY if they are in exactly the right
Otherwise, one (acid or alkali) will be in excess
Quick Check:
· If there is more acid than alkali to start with
in a neutralisation reaction, what will
The final solution will be acidic…read more

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A way to measure volumes precisely
· End Point
The point at which the acid and alkali have
reacted completely.
· This is shown using an indicator.…read more

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· The pH of the solution left when an acid &
alkali have completely reacted is not always
· A neutral solution only forms when exactly
the right amounts of a strong acid react with
a strong alkali.
· If a strong acid reacts completely with a
weak alkali the solution formed at the end is
· & vice versa…read more

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· Indicators change colour over different pH
· A suitable indicator must be chosen when
carrying out titrations with different
combinations of acids & alkalis
· For example:
Strong acid + strong alkali = any indicator
Weak acid + strong alkali = use phenolphthalein
Strong acid + weak alkali = use methyl orange…read more

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