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Tissues organs and systems
The cells if an organism may differentiate
and become adapted for specific
functions.…read more

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Animal organs
Large multicellular organisms develop systems
for exchanging materials. During the
development of multicellular organisms, cells
differentiate to perform different functions…read more

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A tissue is a group of cells with a
similar structure and function
Examples include:
· Muscular tissue ­ to contract and move
· Glandular tissue ­ to secrete enzymes/hormones
· Epithelial tissue ­ to cover the body…read more

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Organs are made out of
different tissues
For example the stomach contains:
· Muscular tissue to churn the contents
· Glandular tissue to produce digestive juices
· Epithelial tissue to line stomach…read more

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Organ systems are groups of different
organs that work together to perform a
The digestive system is one example of this in
which mammals exchange materials with the
environment, it contains many organs, for
example the liver, glands, the stomach and the
intestines…read more

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Plant organs
Plant organs include stems, roots and leaves.
Plant tissues include:
· Epidermal tissues which cover the plant
· Mesophyll tissues which carry out photosynthesis
· Xylem and Phloem which transport substances
around the plant…read more


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