Timeline of the Cold War (starting 1943 - 1991)

Just posting up all the dates for the cold war. Nothing is in major detail but if you need help, just ask!! p.s. everything should be in there for Edexcel, but if not, just comment and I will ammend!

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Timeline of the Cold War

1943: Teheran conference

1945: February 4-11-- Yalta Conference Cold War Begins

1945: July -- Potsdam conference

1945: August 6 -- United States first used atomic bomb in war

1945: August 8 -- Russia enters war against Japan

1945: August 14 -- Japanese surrender End of…

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1958: November -- Khrushchev demands withdrawal of troops from Berlin

1959: January -- Cuba taken over by Fidel Castro

1959: September -- Khrushchev visits United States; denied access to Disneyland

1960: May -- Soviet Union reveals that U.S. spy plane was shot down over Soviet territory

1960: November -- John…

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1979: November -- Shah of Iran overthrown; Iranian Hostage Crisis

1983: -- President Reagan proposes Strategic Defense Initiative

1983: October -- U.S. troops overthrow regime in Grenada

1985: -- Iran-Contra Affair (arms sold to Iran, profits used to support contras in Nicaragua)

1985: -- Mikhail Gorbachev ascends to power in…


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