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Delayed Opening
Stalin wanted
of the Second
compensation Free
Front Marshall Aid
that would Elections
cripple Germany
Communism Poland USA helped
capitalists in Warsaw Pact set up
the Greek in retaliation to
civil war NATO
Germany to pay Ban Nazi Party
Strains in
Rivalry the Grand
before Alliance, Potsdam, Truman NATO, 1949
1941 1943 July 1945 Doctrine, Warsaw Pact, 1955
Nazi-Soviet How much
Pact Yalta, Feb Germany Berlin
1945 was to pay in Soviet Airlift,
Reparations Control,
Teheran 1948-49
Conference Eastern Europe
1943 to be a Soviet Divide Germany
`sphere of and Berlin into
four zones Cominform/
Soviet Union to
go to war with Hunt down Nazi Communist
Japan war criminals governments: Poland,
United Nations Romania, Hungary, Roads, rail and canal
organisation Czechoslavakia, Stalin didn't want traffic was cut off in an
set up Bulgaria, Yugoslavia Capitalism to spread attempt to starve West
Berlin…read more

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Both sides
began pouring Countries moved Strict communist
Soviet Union Led to drain of Aimed to: end the arms
money into away from replaced Dubcek
tested its first economic output race, relax tensions
projects Warsaw Pact
atom bomb worldwide, develop
commercial, economical,
Brezhnev doctrine scientific links
Eisenhower: Khrushchev:
people espionage in
fleeing East Berlin from Soviet Union invaded after fear of
Germany West their idea's spreading to other Nixon was angry at
countries Brezhnev's
Berlin Wall suggestion of
was built Greater political independence action
Removal of travel
freedom in Israel
Arms Race Berlin Crisis,
began, 1949 1961 Prague Spring, Nixon's visit to
1968 Moscow
Hungarian traded Cuban Missiles ABM systems SALT I,
Uprising, 1956 imports with Crisis, 1962 allowed at only
China became Soviet Union 2 sites
1949 Rakosi used
terror and New Soviet Bay of Interim
backed leader Pigs, April October Agreement
brutality to
(Kadar) was 1961 1962 on
keep control
installed Led to telephone Offensive
Korean War, hotline, Partial Test Arms
1950-55 Ban Treaty (`63),
Communist Nagy re-instated as prime
hysteria in U2 spy plane took photos Nuclear Non-
minister: wanted to withdraw
USA of IRBM which could hit proliferation Treat (`68)
Hungary from Warsaw Pact
America…read more

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Stopped trade If the Soivet START talks, 1990-91, both
Carter Doctrine with USSR Union tried to sides to reduce their
compete the strategic nuclear forces
Human economy could
Rights Olympic Boycott collapse
Delayed SALT II Intermediate
Co-operation Conventional Armed
USA banned hi-tech Forces in Europe Nuclear Forces
trade with USSR and Treaty, 1990 Treaty, 1987
USA didn't want Soviet Union didn't relations grew worse
Product of the Soviet Union want Capitalist
detente to have hold of all Afghanistan on it's Geneva, Nov 1985, Reagan and Gorbachev
oil wells border START talks complicated committed to speed up arms talks, abolition
by events in Poland of chemical weapons, human rights issues
Helsinki Afghanistan
Agreements, Invasion, Dec Star Wars, 1983 (Strategic End of the
1975 1979 Defence Initiative) Arms Race
Gorbachev Collapse of Soviet Union
SALT II, June Ronald Reagan Elected, 1980
elected, 1985
`Sinatra Doctrine' Berlin Wall
Abandonment of Perestroika torn down,
Ban on 1990
Tougher line with the Soviet Brezhnev Doctrine (restructuring)
Union than Carter Glasnost (Opennes)
of new land-
Last until `85 Reform in Eastern
based ICBM
Cold War was Europe, hole in the
Reagan and his draining Soviet `Iron Curtain'
advisers felt that they Union's wealth
Limit on strategic could win a limited
Increased US defence spending: Stopped Soviet
nuclear delivery nuclear war: Nuclear Satellite states
100 MX missiles, 100 B-1, interference in eastern
vehicles Utilization Selection broke away from
neutron bomb, cruise missiles in European satellite states
Europe Moscow…read more


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