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1882 ­ The Triple Alliance is signed - Italy joined the Dual Alliance of Austria ­ Hungary and Germany. Bismark made this agreement, to stop the French gaining allies and to
prevent future attack.

1887 ­ Bismark signs an alliance with Russia but Wilhelm later dismissed Bismark and failed renew…

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Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. They also lost land to Italy. Army restricted to 30,000. c) Treaty of Neuilly, Bulgaria lost land to Yugoslavia and Greece but gained some from
Turkey. Army limited to 20,000

1919 ­ The League of Nations is formed to keep the peace but it didn't impose limits…

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1933 ­ Hitler comes to power in Germany - In January 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany and by August 1934, he had declared himself Führer - the leader of

1935 ­ The Italian invasion of Abyssinia -In 1935, Italy invaded Abyssinia. Although the Abyssinian emperor Haile Selassie went…

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