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November- Kaiser forced to abdicate.
1919, January 5th- SPARTACIST UPRISING! They try to seize power.…read more

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January 10th- Spartacist uprising fails because of the Free Corps. These men hated the Communists, were well
disciplined and were fully equipped. They shot some Spartacists, occupied buildings in central Berlin, and two days later,
they murdered the Spartacist leaders.
1920- Free Corps disbanded by gov.
1919 - 1920
1919, June 28th- Treaty of Versailles signed reluctantly by gov. Allies refused to change it.
1919- Hitler joins Nazi party. He was meant to be spying but he liked it and joined.…read more

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Hitler and Ludendorff arrested and charged with high treason.
1921 - 1923
1922- Germans announce they cannot afford to pay reparations for 3 years, but the French refuse to believe them.
1921- Hitler creates the S.A, a group of men, usually unemployed who needed a job. `Brownshirts'. They were led by Ernst
Rohm.…read more

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Stresemann becomes foreign minister. He helps Germany to recover from the 1923 crisis.…read more

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Germans were not happy and they blamed the government for their suffering. They began to look for alternative
1929- Stresemann dies.
1929- YOUNG PLAN, which reduced reparations even more.
1931- Attempt to deal with economic crisis by reducing unemployment benefits and wages, fails.
1931- Hindenburg continues to govern by decree due to no gain in support at elections.…read more


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