Timeline of Events 1945-48 British History

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Labour in Power ­ 1945 ­ 1948 KEY EVENTS
1945 7/8 May ­ End of war in Europe
23 May ­ Churchill ends wartime coalition
4 June­ Churchill's Gestapo Radio Broadcast
5 July ­ General election
26 July ­ Attlee forms first major labour
21 Aug ­ President Truman (USA) ends the
lend-lease agreement
September ­ Japan surrenders
December ­ US loan agreement
1946 March ­ Bank of England nationalised
March ­ Ernest Bevin unveils plans for the
National Health Service
May ­ Trade Disputes Act withdrawn and
May ­ Bread rationing announced
May ­ National Insurance Act
May ­ National Health Services Act
December ­ coal shortages shut down some
1947 January ­ coal mines and cable and wireless
January ­ February ­ severe cold ­ energy
crisis worsens
March ­ gales and flooding
April ­ school leaving age raised to 15
April ­ Dalton's third budget ­ tax rises
July ­ sterling becomes convertible ­ sterling
July ­ government draws up famine food
August ­ food rations cut and petrol ration
September ­ cabinet plot to remove Attlee but
are unsuccessful
October ­ foreign travel allowance abolished
November ­ Dalton resigns over budget leak
1948 January ­ railways nationalised
March ­ last £25mn of USA loan drawn
April ­ European recovery plan ­ Marshall Aid
April ­ electricity nationalised
April ­ first Stafford-Cripps budget
May ­ first public announcement about British
nuclear bomb programme
5 July ­beginning of National Health Service

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