Timeline of Cold War

The events that took place throughout the Cold War

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Timeline of the Cold War
1945: February 411 Yalta Conference Cold War Begins
1945: August 6 United States first used atomic bomb in war
1945: August 8 Russia enters war against Japan
1945: August 14 Japanese surrender End of World War II
1946: March Winston Churchill delivers "Iron Curtain" Speech
1947: March Truman declares active role in Greek Civil War
1947: June Marshall Plan is announced

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February Communist takeover in Czechoslovakia
1948: June 24 Berlin Blockade begins
1949: July NATO ratified
1949: May 12 Berlin Blockade ends
1949: September Mao Zedong, a Communist, takes control of
1949: September Soviets explode first atomic bomb…read more

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February Joe McCarthy begins Communist witch hunt
1950: June Korean War begins
1951: January 12 Federal Civil Defense Administration
1953: June 19 Rosenberg executions
1953: July Korean War ends
1954: March KGB established
1954: CIA helps overthrow unfriendly regimes in Iran and
Guatemala…read more

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July Vietnam split at 17th parallel
1955: May Warsaw Pact formed
1956: October November Rebellion put down in Communist
Hungary. Egypt took control of Suez Canal U.S.…read more

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May Soviet Union reveals that U.S. spy plane was shot
down over Soviet territory
1960: November John F. Kennedy elected President
1961: April Bay of Pigs invasion
1961: July Kennedy requests 25% spending increase for
1961: August 13 Berlin border closed
1961: August 17 Construction of Berlin Wall begins
1962: U.S.…read more

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October Cuban Missile Crisis
1963: July Nuclear Test Ban Treaty ratified
1963: November President Kennedy assassinated in Dallas,
1964: August Gulf of Tonkin incident
1965: April U.S. Marines sent to Dominican Republic to fight
1965: July Announcement of dispatching of 150,000 U.S.
troops to Vietnam
1968: January North Korea captured U.S.S.…read more

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August Soviet troops crush Czechoslovakian revolt
1969: July 20 Apollo 11 lands on the moon
1975: April 17 North Vietnam defeats South Vietnam…read more


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