Thorndike Research Study (1911)

Hey my psychologists!

I uploaded a research study template and I've just looked at it with fresh eyes and it seems confusing so here's just an example of what you can do with it!
The colours in the grave box are the same as the 'Google' logo as a memory jogger;) It also helps if you use pictures that are funny or you can relate to; such as the trial and error image in this one.

Hope it helps!

Happy revising!:)

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Charlotte Colbourne

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Charlotte Colbourne

First: Thorndike designed a Then: When it was first Also: He suggested that the He found: Thorndike
puzzle box in which he would placed in the puzzle box, the cat had learnt this through proposed a hypothesis: "If a
place a cat. He set a task for the…

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Charlotte Colbourne

GENERALISATION: This case study cannot be generalised because it was taken out
on a cat and only one cat.
RELIABILITY: This study isn't reliable because Thorndike guessed what the cat was
doing in the box.
ACCURACY: This study isn't accurate because the cat used trial and error.…


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