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Some more small noted on Thomas Beckett, it is quite complicated, one side is his loyalty to Henry, the other is to the church, each row is a different event which is stated in one of the two boxes. Enjoy :)

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Loyalty to the Church / God Loyalty to the King
His mother was devout, giving to the She was Devoted to the king. Sent him to a
poor, had him educated by local grammar school in London.
priest. Boarded at Augustinian Priory
aged 10
Aged 24... Becket became a clerk to Thomas worked for the King, but was not close
Theobald Archbishop of Canterbury. and had not direct dealings with him
But made enemies by... Wanting to be
a `Climber' made enemies of the other
clerks ­ Roger of Pont l'Eveque
Realised he wanted to ... Spend the
rest of his life in the service of God
Despite ... A strict and exact life of
regular `scourging' which were
beatings given to other priests as a
punishment for sins.
In 1154... Theobald sent him to In 1154... He became good friends with the
Auxerre and Bologna to study law. King Henry II ­ were supposedly inseparable
And arranged for him to take `holy
Becket became powerful and rich by
1 ­ Archdeacon of Canterbury gave him a large
2 ­ Received presents from people
3 ­ lavished in lands from the king
4 ­ He was a close friend to the king.
Becket and Henry II seemed to be good
friends; they ... Worked with the king to rule the
Although he was religious as chancellor he
showed his loyalty when ... the `Great Scutage'
was around, he made the Church pay in full to
the Kings taxes.
Also as a soldier... was at the head of 700
hundred knights.
In 1161 Archbishop Theobald died and In 1161 Henry II wanted Thomas to gain back
wanted Becket to take over as the all the land and privileges that the Church had
Archbishop of Canterbury. taken from him.
Becket had warned ... Henry that it could end
their friendship

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When Henry wanted to collect the
Sheriffs' Aid ( a tax ... a small tax that
was used to help pay the sheriffs )
Becket ... blocked this and declared
that the Church would not pay a penny
to that.
At the Council of Westminster Henry
demanded ...hat it was an Ancient Custom But
Becket... refused
Salvo ordine meo ... `Saving my order'
an oath that each bishop declared
that they would obey their King.…read more

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