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Fact file of Thomas More. 

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Thomas More
Personal Information
Name Thomas More
DOB 1478
POB London, England
DOD 1535
Wife N/A
Children N/A
Family Father was a successful lawyer
Education Oxford University
Employment History
15101518 1 of 2 undersheriffs of London
1517 Entered the King's service and acted as the King's secretary, advisor
and confident
1523 Became the speaker of the House of Commons
1525 Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
1529 Lord Chancellor
Work Experience
Childhood Spent a lot of time at the household of John Morton, Archbishop of
Canterbury. He was a devote Catholic.
Adulthood Became close to radical Catholic theologian Erasmus.
Key Roles
1521 He was knighted.
1515 He wrote `The History of Richard III' which established the King's
reputation as a tyrant.
1516 Published `Utopia.'
Interrogated Heretics when he was chancellor.
Lawyer Writer
Lawyer Writer Latin


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