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Personal Information
Name Thomas Cromwell
DOB 1485
POB Putney, England
DOD 1540
Wife Elizabeth Wykys
Children Gregory, Anne & Grace
Family Father was a blacksmith, brewer & tavern
Education N/A
Employment History
1500 Fled England and joined the French army.
1523 Member of English Parliament.
After 1529 Becomes Henry VIII's righthand man.
1540 Becomes the Earl of Essex.
Work Experience
1505 The Spanish, at the battle of Garigliano, defeated French army . Fled
to Italy & was taken in by the Frascobaldi family. Learnt the family
business (banking) and once worked as a merchant to a local
1517 Helped Geoffrey Chambers to seek and audience with Pope Leo X.
1523 Worked for Cardinal Wolsey. Gained access to court.
Key Roles
1533 Persuades Parliament to make Henry the Head of The English
Church. This means that Henry can get a divorce and marry Anne Boleyn.
15361540 Reformist's zeal, the dissolution of 800 religious houses in 4
1536 used intimidation and torture to force those close to Anne into
making false confessions. She was tried for adultery and treason with 5
1539 arranged the King's marriage to Anne of Cleves.

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