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Thomas Cranmer
Personal Information
Name Thomas Cranmer
DOB 1489
POB Nottinghamshire, England
DOD 1556
Wife 1) Joan Cranmer
2) Margaret Osiander
Children Had a child with his first wife
Family His parents were minor gentry
Education Jesus College, Cambridge
Employment History
1532 Became ambassador of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
1533 Chosen to be the Archbishop of Canterbury
Work Experience
1532 Was told to go to Germany to learn more about Lutheranism. This is
where he met Margaret.
Key Roles
1530 Cranmer argued Henry VIII's case as part of the embassy to Rome.
Once the Pope approved him, he declared Henry's marriage to Catherine
as void & married him to Anne Boleyn 4 months later.
Supported the translation of the Bible into English (like Thomas
1545 Made doctrinal changes to the Church.
1549 Helped complete the Book of Common Prayers.
Supported Lady Jane Grey as successor of Edward IV.
Latin Archbishop

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