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Things to remember (Unit 4):
Nitrogen Cycle:

Denitrification ­ Anaerobic. Converts Nitrates to Nitrogen Gas.
Nitrification ­ Oxidation Reaction, Aerobic. Changes Ammonium ions in to Nitrite ions and then
Nitrate ions.
Ammonification ­ Fungi and Bacteria feed on Ammonium containing compounds to release
Ammonia, which becomes Ammonium ions.
Nitrogen-Fixing bacteria…

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4 Stages ­ Glycolysis, Link Reaction, Kreb's Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation. (That order)
Glycolysis is the only stage in anaerobic respiration. Ethanol is produced in plants and fungi,
Lactic Acid is produced in an animals.
o 6-Carbon 2 x 3-Carbon
o Produces NADH Stage 4
o Generates 2 net…

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Mark-Release-Recapture Method:

Used to estimate abundance of a species.
Equation Total Size = (# caught in 1st sample x # caught in 2nd sample) / # marked in 2nd
Accuracy depends on time between readings, marking effecting the chance of survival and
change in population size.


Biomass ­…




These are great summarised notes! Helped me out a lot, thanks!

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Excellent summary. Thanks. 

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