Things to include in french work

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Point Check
Using the correct gender:
La ­ Feminine
Le ­ Masculine
L' ­ Before vowel
Correct use of singular/ plural
Une orange ­ Singular
Des oranges ­ Plural
Correct use of `The' and `A `
Un garçon/ le garçon
le la l' les
à (to) aux à la à l' aux
de (of/some/any) du de la de l' des
Une fille/ Le fille
The adjectives must agree with their description:
Le garçon intéressant ­ Masculine singular
Les garçons intéressants­ Masculine plural
La fille intéressante­ Feminine singular
Les filles intéressantes­ Feminine plural
Use of a wide range of adjectives.
Correct use of possessive adjectives
Masculine Sing. Feminine sing. Plural
My mon ma mes
Your (Informal sing.) ton ta tes
His/her/its son sa ses
Our notre notre nos
Your (Formal/pl/) votre votre vos
Their leur leur leurs
* "Ma amie" becomes "Mon amie"
Detailed descriptions by using adverbs
Lentement ­ Slowly

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Bien ­ Well
Mal ­ Badly
Vite ­ fast
Adjectives placed in the correct order
Beauty, Age, Good/bad, Size ­ Any adjectives talking about theses go
before the noun.
Use of quantifiers for details
Trop ­ too
Assez ­ quite
Très ­ Very
Vraiment ­ really
Plutôt ­ rather
Presque ­ almost
Souvent ­ Often
Quelquefois ­ Sometimes
Comparison ­ Comparatives and superlatives.
...Plus grand que...
...Moins grand que...
...est le grand
...…read more

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Je pense que ­ I think that
Je crois que- I think that
Je trouve....chouette/ affreux/ affreuse- I fin d it ... great/ awful [M], awful [F]
Je/ ne m'intéresse à ­ I'm interested in/ doesn't interest me
Ça m'est égal- I don't mind/ care
Je préfère...…read more

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Uses past, present and future tense
Je vais ­ I am going
Je suis allé ­ I went
J'irai ­ I will go
Uses reflexive verbs
On s'amuse
Je me lave
Je m'appelle
Je m'excuse…read more


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