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Multiple Personality Disorder…read more

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To provide an account of the psychotherapeutic treatment of a 25 year old
woman referred to Thigpen and Cleckley because of `blinding headaches and
blackouts' who was later found to have multiple personality disorder…read more

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The psychiatrists used a case study method. This consisted of interviews with the
patient and her family, hypnosis, observation, EEG tests and a number of
psychometric and projective tests including, memory tests, ink blot tests and
intelligence tests.
Definition CASE STUDY ­ examining or investigating a single individual or small select group of
people in depth and detail. Studies include: Thigpen and Cleckley, Freud, Savage-Rumbaugh and
Sperry…read more

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The woman, named Eve White for the study, was referred to a psychiatrist as she
claimed to be suffering from `severe headaches and blackouts'
They were puzzled when she could not recall any memory of going on a recent
trip. However, after using a hypnosis treatment, the amnesia cleared.…read more

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Several days after her meeting with the psychiatrists, they
received a letter from Ms Eve White. It appeared to be
written by her and in her usual handwriting; all except the
final paragraph which looked like a child had written it.
Significantly different handwriting and a less articulate use of
vocabulary.…read more

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When asked and presented with the letter, Eve White denied ever sending the
letter. She remembered having started one but insisted she didn't finish it and
threw it away.
Eve then began to show signs of distress, confusion and asked if occasionally
hearing a small imaginary voice classified her as insane. She reported that over the
last few months she had heard a voice inside her head instructing and addressing
her.…read more

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