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Multiple personality disorder is defined in
the DSM 3 as a dissociative disorder
This is where two or more distinct
personalities coexist within one and the
same individual
Its an example of a neurotic disorder…read more

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To provide an account of the
psychotherapeutic treatment of a
25 year old women who was
suffering from unexplainable
headaches and blackouts…read more

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Case Study
Over 14 months
On 25 year old Eve White, From USA
Interviews with patient and family
EEG Tests = Brain waves
Psychometric Tests = Intelligence (IQ)
Projective Tests = Rorschach (Ink Blot) Test…read more

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The patient was referred to Thigpen and
Cleckley because she was suffering from
unexplainable blackouts and severe
On one of her first meetings- She had no
memory of a recent trip
She underwent hypnosis and the amnesia
was cleared…read more

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A letter from Eve appeared at the
therapists office concerning her therapy
The letter was in her usual writing, but at
the bottom there was a paragraph in
childlike writing which was teasing in tone
One her next visit, Eve denied sending the
She said she remembered she begun
started one but then she destroyed it…read more

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