Thigpen and Cleckely 1954

This is a breif summary on the Thigpen and Cleckly study on multiple personality disorders 

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Thigpen and Cleckley
3 faces of EVE
Provide an account of psychotherapeutic treatment of 25-year old who
was referred to Thigpen and Cleckley because of a `severe and blinding
Case study /longitudinal method
Interview with the patient and her family
EEG tests
Psychometric tests (IQ and memory tests) objective
Projective tests (ink blot tests and personality tests) subjective
What happened?
Therapy lasted 14 months 100 hours
Eve black would appear during hypnosis
EW forgot about a trip she went on
A letter showed up
o Objective evidence
o Written in two different handwritings
o EW said she begun in but never finished it.
Treatment progressed
o EW headaches got worse
o Blackouts increased
o EW denied Awareness in these blackouts
State of mind deteriorated
Ethical to continue?
Eve White
o 25 year old woman married with a child (very loving)
o Complained of headaches/ black outs/ martial problems/
personal problems
o IQ score = 110
o Memory = excellent
o Repressive personality
o Conservative / shy
Eve Black
o Childish, extrovert and mischievous
o IQ score= 104
o Memory = poor
o Regressive personality
o Denied being a wife and mother
o Allergic to Nylon EW wasn't
o Knew about EW for childhood

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Thigpen and Cleckley
3 faces of EVE
EW was not aware of EB / EB was aware of EW
EW + EB was not aware Jane / Jane aware of EW + EB
All EEG scans of personalities clear differences
Decided to choose Jane as personality most `normal'
T+C may have lost sense of judgement
Convinced they witnessed MPD
Ethics Therapists made money on her pain + gave away her details
o Personally involved with EB flirted
o Quantitative IQ tests…read more


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